Wednesday, November 26, 2008

please pray

This will be quick because I need some sleep, but Tyler has been in the NICU for the past 24 hours. Her jaundice got noticably bad on Monday and when I took her in to test her bilirubin levels on Tuesday she was at 27 (they hospitalize at 20). We were admitted to the hospital last night and the first lab they took on her showed her bili to be at 31. So she was rushed down to the NICU for quadruple phototherapy and an IV. They thought that they were going to have to give her a blood transfussion (NOT good), but after waiting 2 hours she got her levels down to 26. Whew! She has slowly gotten her level down to a 19 as of 2 hours ago. We will definitely be here until Friday and maybe longer depending on how long it takes her to get the bili out of her system. Please pray that Tyler gets the bilirubin out- the faster the better! I'm staying at the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital so that I can pump milk and take it to her to for her feedings to keep her on breastmilk. We got to hold her tonight for the first time in 24 hours so I was very thankful for that. I will update when I can. Thank you for praying.


Jeff said...

Oh Sarah, I'm definitely praying for the levels to go down quickly and that God would just protect her little body as well as give you and Blake a spirit of peace and comfort. Love you all <3 -Allison

Al said...

praying for Tyler's levels to go down and for her sweet little body to be protected. praying for you and blake too as you go through this - for a spirit of peace and hope. Hope ya'll have a blessed Thanksgiving <3

Colton's Journey said...

Sarah, your in my thoughts and prayers. The Ronald McDonald house is a HUGE blessing and i'm glad that you have one near you. I hope you get an answer for what's causing this with little Tyler. She is in my thoughts and prayers during this stressful and difficult time!