Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

Tyler has had her ups and downs since my last post. Her bilirubin level actually went up to 21 (from 19) during the middle of the night. This is really strange since she is on quadruple phototherapy and eating and pooping really well (poo is how she gets the bilirubin out so it is very important). We talked to the neonatalogist about it this morning and he said that Tyler is a bit of a mystery/puzzle right now. For one thing it is very unusual to see a 2 week old baby with such high bili levels and then add to that her levels rose. All of her blood tests (and they have run just about every test possible) have come back negative, so most blood disorders have been ruled out. So, Tyler has them stumped at this point. They switched her to formula for a short time to see if it might be breast milk jaundice (although this is extremely rare at 2 weeks old). I'm pumping constantly to keep up my milk supply for when she can nurse again. The good news is that at her last lab (this morning) her levels were down to 17. The doc said not to get too excited, it could go up or level off again. I'm just so thankful that it didn't continue to get higher.

We're home to have Thanksgiving with the other 3 kiddos and Blake's family. We're going back to the hospital around 5 to feed her and see what her latest labs are. We are thankful that they are letting her out of the lights long enough for us to be able to feed her and hold her briefly. It is a treasured time.
You can see in the pics the color of her skin where her glasses are versus the rest of her body. Since her eyes are covered and the skin around it is not receiving the phototherapy it is still noticeably yellow.

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Tay's Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear that you all are going through this. We are praying for Tyler's levels to decrease and for your strength during this time.

I am very thankful to have been reconnected with you through your blog. Your faith in Christ, and dedication in raising your family to glorify Him is an inspiration. Thank you.

Hang in there ;)