Monday, October 13, 2008

our weekend

Blake built a rad headboard because he is AMAZING like that. All he needed for his masterpiece was some plyboard, bolts, and two "paintings" from ikea. Gina gets all of the design credit (for all of our house really).

Ford was super sick which meant no soccer game, miserable days laying on the couch, and sleepless nights for all 3 of us.

I mainly worked on cooking this baby with a little cooking (of food), cleaning, and laundry thrown in. You know, because I'm an amazing housewife like that.

Riley continued her busy life- soccer, Daisy Scouts, and lots of socializing (with Brady chasing her around). We also got to hang out with our friends Mark and Jamie on their due date since baby Hazel has decided not to make her debut yet. 5 weeks until our nameless baby is here! Brady's getting ready!

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Purifoy Family said...

girl, your tummy is big!! hope you're feeling well.