Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spoiled... Fulfilling?

Last weekend was a lot of fun (Sarah blogged below about our multiple activities).

However, on Tuesday I was reflecting on all we did and the reality was there was little fulfillment.  Sure, it was great bonding time with our family, but I can think of other times that offered us bonding as well as fulfillment.  These other times were ones that weren't focused on our own pleasure.

I don't really feel guilty about how we spent our holiday weekend, but it just goes to show that giving ourselves away, dying to self, losing our life, etc., is truly the way to gain life.  I'm happy to see God working on my heart.  I'm happy to know that my joy won't come from trying to outdo the last weekend's events, last year's vacation, last year's birthday celebration.  This also takes the pressure off and proves there is no need to offer an extravagant life to my children.  Jesus keeps it pretty simple.  Love me, love others.  Enough with all the crap we drag into our lives.  I am simply over it.  Let's focus on others.

But now to live the life...  Even though I am over the crap, it continues to be so easy to let the self-indulging things creep in and tease us.  I just want to know the truth and live it.  For now I am working on making space in my life to learn the truth.  Maybe a few days here and there God will allow me to live it...

Much Love


Breanne said...

I love this. Straight truth spoken, my friend. Straight truth. I will do all I can to join you in your quest - I'm feelin' the non-fulfillment too.

Anonymous said...

Love it Goody, love it. Some of our friends went on a sweet vaca to Europe and then a few months later they went to Mexico for a weekend. They said they felt so much more fulfilled after Mexico, giving of themselves and not living for themselves. Good word bro, Thrash

Kimi said...

It's so cool to read this post a year later and to see all the days God has allowed you to have that are really fulfilling-loving and serving others. Awesome!