Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Excess money, Business Development, Christian Co-Op

So I left the occupational ministry world just 5 months ago.  I am now an active businessman in the marketplace trying to get it done - gettin it done for the company and making a living as well as gettin it done for the Kingdom.

It is definitely new territory for me.  I dabbled in and out of the marketplace over the past 7 years, but this is for real.  I am a profit sharing partner in a small landscape construction firm and my position is business developer - that means I bring in the work... The sky is the limit and on the other hand it depends on me to keep everything afloat.

I count it a blessing to be in the position I am in.  Right now we are making enough to get by, but if business picked up we would have excess income.  Right away we should pay off some debt accrued from our ministry days, but then what?  Where will the money go?  Sure, we could pay down our house, but I'd like to think we would give most, if not all of it away in some form or fashion.

That leads me to a thought I had about getting more business...  
There are plenty of custom home builders and commercial home builders that are disciples of Christ (this is where most of our business comes from).  So is it unethical to try to keep the money in the family?  What I mean is, what if a home builder always awarded our firm the work they needed done, keeping in mind that we want to give a whole bunch of the money made towards kingdom work (of course we need to have a competitive bid/product)?  

Stereotypes tell me that this is done in the Jewish culture and amongst the Mormons.  Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me.  Im not sure if other Christian businessman agree with me though.  Is it bad business ethics?

I think I am going to pray for an opportunity like this.  I think we could do big things with a Christian co-op initiative.  We shall see what happens...

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Carpenter Family said...

What is up Goodfellows. I have spent the better part an hour eating some leftover soup at my desk and reading your blog from the beggining and it is awesome to hear your hearts and see all the ways God is working in your life. It is also amzing to see how many things ya'll are discussing that I feel like we are talking about these days in our marriage and among a few close freinds. I am excited to keep up with you through this and will pray for your swim upstream as you follow Christ who is surely always against the current.

P.S. Blake, we met your long lost twin in Ethiopia a few weeks ago. Within 5 minutes of meeting this guy, Leah and I looked at eachother and said in unison, "Blake Goodfellow." Looks, outlook on life - everything was spot on.

Peace Out