Thursday, September 11, 2008

all grown up

Yep, that's right. My 4 year old is all grown up. Seriously, though, I honestly can't believe how much Ford has changed in the past few months.

Here's where we were less than 8 months ago...
This is Ford crying and refusing to participate in his basketball class. After a talk from daddy and a bribe of ice cream, he agreed to go play basketball as long as Blake played with him. So naturally, I signed Ford up for AYSO soccer this fall. I have been so nervous since- wondering what this season would hold for Ford. I was worrying about how much we should bribe him and push him vs. allowing him the freedom to decide when to participate. I decided that the season would be a success if we could get Ford out on the field sometime before the end of the season.
Ford also declared at the beginning of the summer that he would not be switching classes at preschool- he was absolutely not going to leave his teacher and go to a new classroom. Needless to say, I was a little worried about what this fall would hold for Ford and how our little boy who hates change would handle it all.

Fast forward to last week...
That's Ford in his first soccer game. He scored 4 of his team's 5 goals and had to be pulled back and told to stop scoring goals. I have NO clue what flipped the switch except that Ford grew up a little over the summer. He loves soccer and is counting down the days to his next game. He never even hesitated about playing. Ford also went to his new preschool class with no hesitation- apparently he forgot that he wasn't going to go. Honestly, this has left me a little sad- it's hard to see your little boy grow up right in front of your eyes. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting to know a whole new Ford. But overall I am so thankful that we weren't dealing with a hysterical child on the side of the soccer field and worrying if we were doing the right thing for him. And did I mention that I am so stinkin' proud of Ford? Because I am.

For equal love here's Riley in her first soccer game of the season. She's a stud too.

This is right after she scored a goal- she likes to play it cool when she scores.

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Anonymous said...

Go Ford go, I love that he is coming into his own! much love, Thrash