Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best (and Worst) of Summer 2008

The Goodfellow Family Awards for Summer 2008 go to....

Biggest Accomplishments:

Riley: 1st year of swim team and major improvements in her swim times

Ford: Learning to swim

Brady: Potty Trained!!! (File this also under Biggest Money Saver)

Blake: Turning 30 and looking better then ever!

Sarah: Getting over severe morning sickness and potty training Brady

Best Books:

Same Kind of Different as Me and Safely Home (ok, these are the only 2 books that I read this summer, but they are good and challenged me)

Most Sentimental Moment:

Watching Riley serve the homeless with my dad at the same soup kitchen I served at with my dad when I was her age

Biggest Headache:

Lice. I. Hate. Lice.

Best Trip:

2 weeks at the beach in North Carolina….need I say more (HUGE thank you to our families)

Best News:
We’re having a baby girl!!

Hardest News:

Our baby girl has a cyst on her brain which can be an indicator for Trisomy 18 (a fatal disorder)

Biggest Blessing:

Complete Peace from the Lord that our baby girl is healthy…we are choosing to trust Him during all of this. Most babies with Trisomy 18 have clenched fists. This is a picture of her beautifully open hands.
Best Movie:
The Dark Knight (again, this is the only movie I saw this summer, but it was amazing)

Biggest Time Consumer:

Swim Team (although the kids weren’t complaining about being at the pool everyday)

Best Houseguest:

Tawny (our high school friend who we love to hang out with and who lets Blake and I go out…without kids!)

Favorite Family Tradition:
Mexico! This summer, we went to an orphanage and hung out with some sweet kids.
Biggest Debate:
What to name our baby girl…please pray for Blake’s heart to change (wink, wink)

Best TV Show:

So You Think You Can Dance…although I love Twitch & Joshua, Katie was robbed

Best Decorating:

The kids' bikes for our neighborhood's 4th of July Parade


jenni said...

hi sarah! welcome to the world of blogging. i think i have been doing it for two years and i love it. gina makes fun of me for it which i am sure she will do the same to you .. ha ha ha!

Purifoy Family said...

Hey!! I think we're potty trained too. I'm waiting for hte right pic to post. Jacob is anti-photo taking these days. Brady still has some serious meat on him. Where do those genes come from? He is precious! In the pic of the fam at the beach, Brady & Ford look so similar. Hope you are feeling well. Continuing to pray for sweet baby girl.